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The Bearsville Theater. The countdown to opening is on…

Well, it’s been a while…. When I started making these notes back in January, we had two months ahead of us before the re-opening of the theater for the Writer’s Festival. Then came a snag, a re-think, and now—with less than five weeks to go—it’s all hands-on deck. No less than twenty-five people are working […]

News from the Frontline

It’s been an interesting two weeks. More along the lines of ‘it gets worse before it gets better’ than a sense of progress. We got down and dirty with a lot of water problems. The buildings are now in better shape than they were before, but it took some doing, and it took hard work […]

Making Radio Waves!

Did you hear? Lizzie Vann and David McGough on Radio Woodstock 100.1 WDST Sunday 20th October with Doug Grunther. With their little Norwich Terrier puppy; Johnny in tow too, Lizzie talked about her early love and connection to music and Woodstock, something that she discovered when she was 14 years old. Lizzie’s love for the […]

Dirty Work

It’s been 6 weeks since we purchased the Bearsville Center and it really has been nothing short of ‘crazy’, the amount of work we have done to date. It was only when we took over the complex, that we really saw the level of work that had to be done, and it has been a […]

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