Welcome to Bearsville Center

A multi use retail park, seeped in musical history, and built by music manager and entrepreneur Albert Grossman. Enjoy music events at the spectacular Bearsville Theater and Utopia Soundstage where many legendary music icons have performed. Drink and dine. Browse and shop. And embrace and reminisce the Home to the Spirit of Woodstock!

About the New Owners

New owner, Lizzie Vann brings a passion for music, for history, and for the care and rehabilitation of beautiful buildings. Let her introduce herself and find out more about her vision for Bearsville Center.

Our Renovation Story

The renovation of the Bearsville is a huge undertaking and one that its being done with compassion and whilst retaining its history Follow our progress and sign up to our blog to receive immediate updates!

The Bearsville Theater

The Bearsville Theater is a true treasure of Woodstock. The plan is to revive this historic landmark and bring legendary music artists who have graced its stage over the years, as well as discover and support new talent!

Utopia & Radio Woodstock

The Utopia building is now home to 100.1 Radio Woodstock, but was originally built by Albert for Todd Rundgren. Discover more about this amazing buildings history. Take a look at Radio Woodstock at work, and relive the music of the Utopia Soundstage.



We have a number of properties available for lease. If your business reflects the essence of Bearsville and you would like to be part of the Centers revival, history and future, find out what buildings and rental space are available.

Our Vision

Much of the Bearsville Center has been closed since the summer. and extensive repair work is currently underway. Our vision is to reignite the Center amongst a thriving music community, supporting local and international music legends!

Our Woodstock Community

We love to hear from and want to work closely with you, our local community. If you have stories or photographs from the past or simply would like to get in touch or even share some ideas, we really would love to hear from you.

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Email: marketing@bearsvillecenter.com

Postal Address: Bearsville Center PO Box 7, Bearsville Post Office, Rte 212, Bearsville NY 12409

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Bearsville Center 277-297 Tinker Street, Bearsville Woodstock, NY 12498

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