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Home to the Spirit of Woodstock

Bearsville Center, 277-297 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY

The History of Bearsville

Bearsville Center, part of the Town of Woodstock, was created by legendary music entrepreneur Albert Grossman in the 1960’s. Manager of some of the most popular and successful performers of that time, he wanted Bearsville to be a place where musicians could live, work, eat and play. Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Peter, Paul & Mary, The Band, Odetta, Gordon Lightfoot and Ian & Sylvia all played a part in Albert’s remarkable life. The Bear Cafe and surrounding enterprises, set in 15 acres, were the hang-out of many key players in the world of Folk-Rock, and Rock & Roll. Bearsville – home to the spirit of Woodstock.

Bearsville was sold by Bearsville Associates to Lizzie Vann on August 31st 2019. Radio Woodstock operates from Todd Rundgren’s famous Utopia Building. And Sally and Albert’s favorite restaurant – the Little Bear – is still serving delicious Chinese food.

Revival and Redevelopment

Parts of the Center have been empty since the winter following the closure of the Bear Restaurant, the Commune Saloon, and the Bearsville Theater. Work has already begun to repair and renovate these beautiful buildings and bring them back to life.

Lizzie brings a passion for music, for history, and for the care and rehabilitation of beautiful buildings. By working closely with our community, we will get the theater and the Bear Cafe re-opened and build Bearsville back to be the jewel that the town of Woodstock deserves.

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