Bearsville Festival Blog: Introducing Our Vibrant Festival Market!

We were absolutely thrilled to launch our first-ever Festival Market at Bearsville Bluegrass, it was a resounding success, shared by our guests and the vendors that joined us!

Positioned along the picturesque banks of the Sawkill Stream, the market was a vibrant hub of activity, showcasing to over 1,000 festival-goers who attended the event, making it a complete sell out.

Our Festival Market featured an impressive lineup of fantastic local businesses, who brought their unique and high-quality products to the festival:

WARM Peet Socks: Cozy socks with all profits supporting mental health nonprofits. A young boy would say, "My peet are told," and it would bring laughter and joy. Many years later, that saying still brings a smile and a chuckle. As avid hikers, campers, and lovers of the outdoors, they understand the importance of a reliable sock that won't let you down, whether on the trail, on a bike, at work, or at home—wherever your adventures take you.

They love quality. The super-fine Merino wool content in their WARM Peet socks provides maximum itch-free comfort. It keeps feet warm, is anti-microbial, and moisture-wicking to keep feet dry. They also recognize the importance of being outdoors and having an active lifestyle. Their hope is that these socks will encourage people to get outside and move—not only for their own mental, emotional, and physical restoration, but also to make mental health care more accessible for all. Mental health affects everyone.

Grateful Gem Head: Beautiful crystals that captivated many. As a lifelong collector of crystals and minerals, GratefulGemHead emerged as an extension of a deep love for crystals, the natural world, and the desire to share these gifts from the earth far and wide. Traveling across the country to consciously connect with and hand-select the stones in the shop, GratefulGemHead focuses on offering a diverse selection that highlights the wonders of the mineral world. The journey invites everyone to embrace these natural treasures in their homes and lives.

Bearsville Bluegrass festival
Bluegrass Festival stall at Bearsville Center Woodstock
Bluegrass festival stall at Bearsville Center Woodstock

Sweet Ramas: All-natural goat-based skincare products that were a hit. Their soaps were inspired by Rama, a pygmy goat adopted from an animal sanctuary in the Catskills in 2011. Before finding her true home at RoseHaven Farm, Rama experienced abuse and neglect, similar to thousands of other farm animals in the United States. They believe that all of God's creatures should be treated with love, dignity, and respect.

Dutch Harvest Hemp Tea: Delicious hemp tea blends that visitors loved. Dutch Harvest is on a mission to share their heavenly, healthy hemp tea with the world. However, their vision extends beyond mere tea consumption—it's about rediscovering the immense potential of hemp!

Founder Esther Molenwijk, with a background in sustainability, stumbled upon the hemp plant as a promising alternative to non-sustainable resources. Intrigued by its versatility, Esther embarked on a journey across Europe to explore how hemp could be reintegrated into various industries.

During a hemp harvest, Esther discovered that the leaves and flowers of the plant were often overlooked. Upon drying them, she realized they produced a delightful, mild tea. Additionally, she uncovered that the flowers of fiber hemp contained the beneficial compound CBD. With her passion for tea, the idea to introduce hemp tea as a flavorful way to showcase the plant's potential was born.

Through their packaging and communication efforts, Dutch Harvest shares the story of this remarkable plant. With every pack of tea, they aim to spread their hemp mission, encouraging others to embrace the power of hemp.

Rose Anna Maris: Botanical skincare products that nurtured and rejuvenated. Rose Ana Maris is a woman-owned herbal skincare company from the Hudson Valley, founded by the talented Anaka Decker. With a deep reverence for traditional and innovative herbal methods, Anaka creates wholesome, balancing skincare products that go beyond cosmetic concerns.

Each product is developed, tested, and launched with the utmost care, utilizing broad spectrum herbal extraction to harness the synergistic, therapeutic, and holistic effects of herbs. This method enhances the potency and balance of the products, ensuring your skin receives the best care possible.

Committed to sustainability, Ros Ana Maris products are free from sensitizing preservatives and harsh chemicals. They are packaged in recyclable and reusable glass bottles, recyclable aluminum, and post-consumer recycled plastic. The glass bottles are made from genuine "violet glass," protecting the contents from premature oxidation and rancidity while allowing beneficial light to shine through.

Happylife’s Woodstock-themed clothing: Fun and stylish apparel celebrating the Woodstock spirit. HappyLife Productions is owned by the very talented artist Mike DuBois, who has created many of the stunning artwork you can see around Bearsville and in the Bearsville Theater. HappyLife Productions are proudly based in Woodstock, NY since 1987, with a fantstic store on Tinker Street.

With a commitment to growth and staying rooted, they offer a diverse range of art products and apparel, all crafted with high quality and imaginative designs. Unlike many, they continue to produce locally, supporting small businesses and keeping manufacturing in the USA. Their offerings include custom design work and licensed products from top artists and musicians.

Hammer + Light: Handcrafted lamps made from reclaimed wood, adding a rustic charm. Hammer and Light. a talented lamp maker with a fascinating journey. After years as a Mac engineer, Phil discovered his passion for working with his hands, creating tangible art, and found immense joy in lamp making. With a background in photography, film, and theatre, his love for lighting and its mood-setting abilities naturally led him to this unique craft.

He meticulously handcrafts each lamp from scratch, using reclaimed or repurposed wood, ensuring every piece is unique and made with love and care. This evolving project showcases his dedication to quality and creativity, making each lamp a true work of art.

Beyond lamp making, he also has a deep love for music and spends time as a Radio and Event DJ. Don't miss out on his soulful and funky mixes by his alter ego, DJ Gray!

We are excited to continue this vibrant marketplace throughout our Festival Program 2024 and have space for more vendors to join us. If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please get in touch with us at

This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your products to a large and enthusiastic audience.

Here are some glowing testimonials from our current vendors:

"Hi Kate, really pretty much everything was great, easy load-in, mellow scene, really nice surroundings..."

"Just a quick thank you! The event yesterday was lovely and we’re looking forward to the next one on July 6th. A beautiful venue, great music, and super nice people (oh and bratwurst)."

"What a great day I had, the music, the weather, the people! It was awesome! Yes, I was considering that one in October, so sign me up!"

Thank you to our amazing vendors and visitors for making our Festival Market such a wonderful experience. We look forward to seeing more fantastic products and smiling faces at our upcoming events!